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Me3morphosis is a short game who tells the story of a transitioning owner and her cat. Narratively, the game is based on three different levels, each one portraying one peculiar state of the transition. From the gameplay perspective, the game employs the cat's viewpoint, interested in getting cuddled by their owner while she works - without getting yelled at, something that happens often when his jumps are too noisy. 

This project was realized for the Game Development course (2021) of the MA in Digital Games at the Institute of Digital Games in Malta, by:

  • Allan Smith: Research, QA, Narrative Assistant
  • Aria Jónsdóttir: Programming
  • Enrico Falzon: Narrative and Level Design
  • Odisseo (G.)  Longobardi: Team Leader / Artist
  • Sofia Romeo Abatangelo: Team Leader / Game Designer


The team  is currently continuing working on the prototype. The next iterations are: 

Programming: work on cat animation, work on owner animation, tweak physics, add 3D cat model

Art: re-ink levels, small aesthetic upgrades

Design: work on cat-owner interaction, tweak design and difficulty

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